Day 1 in Boadilla




Welcome at IES Arquitecto Ventura Rodríguez. Our students made up a big poster posting their their pics taken in Bremen to share their unforgettable experience!!

After taking some more pictures in the main hall together, they then had breakfast in the cafeteria where they indulged in chocolate, churros y porras.

After breakfast students showed them the way to the light train and they set off sightseeing Madrid for the day.



Second part of the Exchange. Madrid

20180602_190807On the 2nd of June, just two months since the Bremen Exchange it was now time to switch roles anmd show our German friends what life is like in Madrid.

The students gave them a warm welcoming and they were overjoyed to reunite with their friends again.

Nuestros amigos alemanes llegaron a Madrid en una tarde de lluvia y tormenta que retrasó su vuelo. Padres y alumnos estuvieron esperando con mucha ilusión su llegada y el reencuentro  fue emocionante.


Weekend in Bremen

Our students did various things on Saturday, They visited Serengeti park with the families to see all of the different animals. Then, they went to a Theme park. On Saturday the students had a party all together where they danced, ate and had lots of fun.

On the last day they went bowling and ate Crêpes and ice cream then in the afternoon they visited Bürgerpark and went on a little boat in the lake, the weather was perfect!


Day One in Bremen



School time is quite similar to Spain here. Some  of the students took Tram 4 to Gymnasium Horn. Our stop: Vorstr. Five more minutes walking and  that’s it. Or….cycling to school became probably the most exciting way of going to school. Although it was very nerve wracking maybe because of the huge and high wheels with no brakes, it was very challenging to try. Auténtico Verano Azul, juntos en grupo nuestros alumnos españoles y sus compañeros alemanes llegando al cole  por la mañana a las 8.30 o volviendo a casa al acabar el cole sobre las 14.30.

Flying to Hamburg

Our school exchange starts today. After leaving school at 5.00 a.m. we arrived at Hamburg airport . . First, we visited the Elbphilarmonie, next the Rathaus Hamburgh and finally we took a boat trip sightseeing amazing views and stunning houses in Alster Lake. In spite of the North and strong wind we all enjoyed and relaxed a nice boat experience. We left Hamburg at 17.15 to Bremen . We didn´t know it was going to be a hard and long run to Bremen. Some railwork delayed our arrival . Anyway, we had the best of happy endings ever. Our mates and families were waiting for us at Bremen Hauptbahnhof .



¡Hola!¡ Os doy la bienvenida y os presento el intercambio que estamos preparando para este curso 2017-2018.  Aquí os detallamos todos los datos.

Bremen es el estado federado más pequeño de Alemania próximo al Mar del Norte. Es una ciudad histórica, innovadora y dinámica.
El río Weser cruza la ciudad.
El río Weser cruza la ciudad de Bremen.



Bremen está muy cerca de ciudades tan atractivas como Hamburgo, con muchos lugares de interés cultural, turístico e histórico.